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About Me

Aimee is the author of romantic comedy novels. She's the owner of three teenagers, one husband, a few dogs, cats and fish. You can find her writing, cleaning, redecorating her home, singing to her cats, & uttering profanities as if she's in competition. & yeah, that's a tattoo across her chest.

Aimee Brown

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Little Gray Dress

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Here I am!

Whew! Debut novel, complete!

I feel like I need to write it on a blackboard with a giant check mark. It’s taken me about fourteen years to get to this point. Fourteen years of trashing half complete manuscripts one right after another. Fourteen years of learning every single thing I could about the publishing world and how to market a book. Fourteen years of learning what makes a great story and how to execute it.

That’s not to say I did it perfectly. I’m absolutely sure I didn’t, as I’m human. There is not an ounce of perfect within me. I made mistakes, probably typos, sentences that could have been better and I’ve no doubt I’ll have some complete assholes tell me just how wrong I got it. And that’s OK… when they can show me their NYTimes Bestselling Perfect Book, I’ll take their opinions a little more seriously. LOL Haters gonna hate, it’s just what they do. The fact that a computer screen keeps them safe and anonymous probably helps them more than me. But, it is what it is.

I’m so proud of how well Little Gray Dress has done this far. Never in a million years did I expect to end up ranked so high on Amazon in the first couple weeks. I didn’t expect to receive emails from more established authors asking me how I did it and I really didn’t expect to lose friends over it. My best cheerleaders have been the people most unexpected but I’m ever so thankful for you!

I’ll be the first to admit that over the last week or so I’ve had many sleepless nights, filled with nightmares of one-star reviews and personal attacks. Thankfully, I’ve been able to wake up each day and realize that most of those attacks never happened. LOL, WHEW! I might have a heart of stone but some things attempt to crack that exterior more than others. *Note to self… do not read reviews (especially on GoodReads).

That said, there is nothing better than hearing from readers as they gush how much they love the characters. How well they relate to them. How much they laughed or even cried. A simple thank you doesn’t even seem like enough to you guys. You’ve made me feel like I’m not a terrible writer. Thank you!

For those dying to know, yes, there will be a Little Gray Dress sequel, as well as a stand-alone about the character that I get the most emails about. (Who is it?) I will be giving this particular individual their own happily ever after. I’m working on it now.

If you noticed all the ‘sequel hints’ within Little Gray Dress, I applaud you. One woman was pissed that those even existed and that’s OK, some people just don’t get everything. LOL, I promise, all those ‘hints’ will be tied up in a neat little bow hopefully in the next year.

I do have some really exciting things in the works that I can’t wait to eventually announce but for now, I’m writing my heart out and hoping I can do these characters proud!

Without all of you, the release of Little Gray Dress wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was. I thank you for being supportive, positive and such a blessing to a debut author. I hope you’ll stick with me as I learn to navigate the author side of publishing.

Some of you fellow authors have supported me and had my back since day one. Just to let you know, you can count on me to do the same, whenever you need!! <3 I seriously can’t even express what that’s meant to a newbie like me. I hate hugs but **virtual hugs to all of you**.

Because I am so incredibly busy, I am sad to say that I will no longer be dedicating a site to book blogging. I will obviously still be reading and reviewing here occasionally but, I will be choosing when and what to review. I just don’t have the time to do it all, I wish I did! And since my main goal, even when starting the book blog, was always to be an author, I feel that is the direction I need to take things at this point. I will forever be a huge supporter of book bloggers, as well as other authors so I can’t wait to see what you’re reading and writing. I’m always available for a chat no matter the subject.

If you’ve read Little Gray Dress I’d love to see your honest, non-dickish, review added to Amazon. Each review helps keep me high on the rankings. (Not to mention I love reading them when they aren’t written by a totally hateful douche wagon… lol)

I don’t have much in the way of ‘local Montana’ support so here’s to you my online readers, fellow past life Oregonians, distant friends and family, and inspirational romantic comedy/chick lit authors all over the world (even a couple in my own state). Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I thank you!! <3 A small victory towards my goal of overtaking the world. Kidding. Mostly… 😉

Now, I will take off this tiara and get to writing. (like you guys really thought I wouldn’t wear the tiara in real life…)



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