About Me

About Me

Aimee is the author of romantic comedy novels. She's the owner of three teenagers, one husband, a few dogs, cats and fish. You can find her writing, cleaning, redecorating her home, singing to her cats, & uttering profanities as if she's in competition. & yeah, that's a tattoo across her chest.

Aimee Brown

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Little Gray Dress

What I'm Writing

17% Complete
11,476 of 68,000 words

Here I am!

You Read This?!

The Second Coming of Genevieve Clarke *coming soon*

The Second Coming of Genevieve Clarke
Anticipated Release Date: Early 2019

Genevieve Clarke wasn’t always a stand-up girl. When she nearly loses everything in a near death, she gets a second chance to make things right in her life, including with the man of her dreams. Can she do it?

How much have I written?

I’ve actually been attempting to outline this one. *fingers crossed*

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