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Aimee is the author of romantic comedy novels. She's the owner of three teenagers, one husband, a few dogs, cats and fish. You can find her writing, cleaning, redecorating her home, singing to her cats, & uttering profanities as if she's in competition. & yeah, that's a tattoo across her chest.

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Here I am!

Pretty Little Liars Episode 2 of the final 10.

Oh dear. Seriously. I watched this episode yesterday morning, right before I was struck down with a massive migraine. Maybe the fact that this episode sucked is what gave me a migraine.

Why, why, WHY would the writers introduce a new character in the last 10 episodes? I’ve read a lot of opinions on this online and it really doesn’t even matter the reason for it, it was not a popular decision. Really, I feel kind of bad for the writers at this point. They’ve let fans down time and time again and considering we all feel we’ve been a bit screwed over by the ridiculousness that is this show, no one has very high hopes that we’ll actually get any closure by the last episode.

If I remember right, I. Marlene King said ‘you’ll get revelations and answers in every one of the last 10 episodes’. Is that so? I haven’t seen one yet and there are only 8 episodes left.

Let me list the ways that this episode disappointed me, yet again.

1- Addison. I don’t give a shit about this character. I don’t care that she may have something to do with A.D. I don’t care if she’s being written into a new show by Marlene, cause I’ll never watch another of her shows. I don’t even care if they are trying to remind us what a bitch Allison was when she was younger. The girl is a terrible actor, far too unrealistic of a teenager and she’s a complete filler, waste of a show.

2- Aria, Ezra, and Nicole. Why are they spending so much time on this? Nicole is likely just a filler, who’s had no real purpose in the last 7 seasons. We don’t care about her. I think overall the fans would be happy if Ezra would just dump her ass already and fix the shit he’s screwed up by being written so terribly the last half of this show.

3- Hannah’s fashion/Mona’s manipulation. Again, don’t care. I actually like Hannah the best of all the girls normally but suddenly in these last couple episodes, she’s gone from tough, brave, kick-ass Hannah, back to insecure, helpless Hannah. Come on, she’s locked in a locker? You have a damn cell phone in your pocket and a boyfriend on the street. Use it!

4- Jenna… holy Moses. Can this girl just start talking truth already? Noel is gone… which means no one cares anymore. We all see he’s not A.D. and I doubt we’ll find out much more about him. There is a lot of other shit Jenna could be forcing tears about other than a blatant lie that just adds more holes in the story that will never be filled.

5- Aria and Holden. Move on! Go kick Ezra’s ass and stop wasting time with Holden. You should have some fire under your ass to solve this case but instead, Aria seems completely disconnected and uninterested.

6- Oh, Spencer. Are you really more interested in learning about your birth mother than you are about the mystery that has tormented you and your family for many, many years? Why is she asking her mom what Melissa knows? CALL YOUR SISTER!

7- Emily, Paige, and Allison. God, I hate this trio. Truly. If it wasn’t for the fact that this whole show centers around Allie, I’d say write these three out. Unfortunately, I do believe Paige will be some huge part of A.D.’s end game, if not actually A.D. themselves. Which will piss me off. Yes, she’s had a large secondary character part throughout the show but she’s not important enough to be A.D. She just doesn’t have enough motivation. If she turns out to be another daughter of Mary that will piss me off too because it’ll just be something they scrambled for last minute hoping to keep their fan base somewhat happy.

8- Anyone else notice how it seems the episodes are just thrown together? Hoping to keep our attention long enough to string us to the last episode where we’ll likely find out a pathetic, handful of ‘truths’ to a revelation that is less than worthy of what this show could have been. It truly makes me sad because the show could have been FABULOUS. It started out strong. The first few seasons were awesome. It seems like they wrote the whole show expecting to be canceled at season 4 and when they were renewed they all thought ‘SHIT! Now what? I know! Let’s go all bad writing, and confuse them with the next 3 seasons not having anything to do with the original story and clues we’ve left. Then, we’ll walk away millionaires and never look back at the millions of fans we’ve let down.’

What do you think? Any ideas who A.D. is and what their motive is with the zero reveals they’ve given us in the last 2 hours. Leave a comment below!

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