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My thoughts on the final season of Pretty Little Liars

Ok, I admit I’m not 17 or even 27 for that matter. I’m nearly 40 and I’ve been addicted to this stupid show since the very first episode. Notice I used the word addicted as opposed to love. When the first season aired, I was in love. As seasons went on though my love turned to irritation, then to anger and now I’m just in it to see the damn thing end already.

I give Marlene King props for writing a show that’s not been canceled after season 3. That’s more than I’ve done so it’s admirable. However, that said, this show is a complete mess. Nothing has made sense for years, there are HUGE holes in the storyline and I’m finally at the point where I don’t think even Marlene knew where the hell to take it. A lot of people have been let down and even though we’re finally to the last 10 episodes I have little faith she’ll be able to ‘fix’ what’s she’s jacked up. I finally watched Tuesdays episode Season 7b episode 11 – ‘Playtime’. I wasn’t that impressed and it’s really set the tone for the loose ends to not be tied up like I had hoped. That’s truly unfortunate because this show *could* have been as fabulous as Sarah Shepard’s books made them but the writers failed. Because of this for the next 10 weeks, I’ll be doing weekly show reviews and really lay out the issues playing out in this tragic shows final days.

My thoughts on Pretty Little Liars Season 7b episode 11 – ‘Playtime

-If you hate spoilers, I’d stop reading right now.

Issue number 1 – the day after sex scenes… WE DON’T CARE that theses girls are having sex. They’re grown-ups now, I get it. It’s a filler and it’s not needed, especially in the last 10 episodes. So Hannah is getting back with Caleb, I really don’t give a shit. I’m tired of their storyline and am ready for the real info.

Issue number 2 – Toby is released from the hospital but his fiance (I care so little about her I don’t even remember her name at this point, she’s just another filler distraction character) is still in a coma. We see right through this, they’re killing her off to resurrect Spoby before the show ends. Again… don’t freaking care. Another filler story.

Issue number 3 – Ezra. Yeah, I started this show and LOVED Ezra, loved Ezra and Aria together and just really loved the whole storyline surrounding these two. However… with all the filler crap that’s been thrown in, Nicole, Ezra and Aria issues, him being A, then him NOT being A, his recent whiny and indecisive character… he’s been ruined and at this point I don’t give a shit if they kill him, marry him off or just lose his character all together. I no longer love Ezra or Ezria and I think the whole world is with me on this: Aria… DUMP HIS ASS. Ugh.

Issue number 4 – For the love of God… enough with the new ‘A’. You fucked up by making it Charlotte/Charles anyways so stop with trying to find someone new. Just explain why they are doing what they are doing already. I have a feeling ‘Uber A’ will be another unknown character that no one cares about anyways.

Issue number 5 – We don’t care about the ‘extra filler/distraction characters’, Paige, Andrew, Sara, Hayden, Nicole, Wren, Noel, Yvonne, etc, the list goes on and on. None of them matter in the story because they haven’t played a big enough part unless the writers needed someone to distract us with.

Issue number 6 – The first of the last 10 episodes aired and we STILL know nothing more than we knew 6 months ago. Come on! Seriously? So you’re telling me one completely wasted episode is going to help explain all the shit that has yet to be explained. Another clue that maybe they just write episodes on the fly without a real ‘bigger’ plan of cleaning up this plot mess.

Issue number 7 – UGH… the lesbian stereotypes. I’m disappointed in this. I would think since the writer herself is gay that she would have written a more interesting character story than ‘gym teacher’ and ‘swim coach’. Isn’t that one of those lesbian stereotype faux-paus?

Issue number 8 – Alison and Emily… MOVE ON. Dear God, it’s been years of ‘is or isn’t Ali gay’. Honestly, at this point, I hope she’s pregnant with psycho fake doctor’s baby just to end the whole Emily and Ali storyline.

Issue number 9 – Paige. We all see Paige was brought back, with a little more of an ‘evil’ attitude than she’s had before and she’ll be part of Uber A, somehow. Even though whatever her reason is it can’t possibly be enough to trigger the psycho of Uber A.

Issue number 10 – Jenna. Insert paragraph from Paige’s problem here. I mean seriously, I LOVE Jenna but her character is SO badly written. She’s blind, she’s not blind, she’s blind again, she’s part of A team, she’s not part of A team, she disappears for entire seasons and now she’s all the sudden part of Uber A?! If she really doesn’t know this person’s motive then she herself doesn’t have a motive to go this far.

Issue number 11 – Mary Drake is Spencer’s mom. Spencer’s father was a whore. That’s a motive, however, considering he’s hardly even been in a full season I find it hardly believable that Uber A is stemming his or her crazy off this particular storyline. Even THIS storyline isn’t enough for a psycho to torment these five girls. Come on! If that’s the case shouldn’t A be tormenting the parents? Not the teenagers?! Seriously.

Unresolved issues that I doubt we’ll ever know anything more about, but that they’ll probably try to make Uber A:

-Wren- If Wren turns out to be Uber A I’ll be pissed. He’s played a MINOR part in a few seasons. He’s got zero motives. We don’t care about him. There is nothing big enough to make him torment a town full of people.

-Melissa- Same. Yeah, she’s bitchy and mysterious but nothing could have spurred this behavior from her. She’s been favored by her parents (if indeed they are her parents) her whole life. Her being behind this will make NO sense.

-Toby- It’s absolutely impossible he’s Uber A considering he’s been in love with Spencer. He’s got no motive. He knows as little as the girls most of the time so finding out he’s been the mastermind will really piss me off.

-Andrew- Again, no motive as he’s not an important enough character. Andrew drove me nuts. If he really knew something he’d be in EVERY episode. He’s just a distraction and a filler plot.

-Jason- Eh… maybe he’s crazy but why would he give a shit enough about these girls to waste this many years of his life? If they make him A because he was once in love with a 14-year-old Aria I’ll be pissed. Move on from her, no one cares.

-Mary Drake- yes she’s a nut but wasn’t the fact that she screwed her twin sisters ‘lover’ and had his baby enough of a crazy pay back? Why would she need to take it this far and torment the daughter she supposedly loves AND her friends?

-Charlotte- Come on, that storyline was absolutely ridiculous anyways.

-Board Shorts- Where the hell is this guy? How have the girls not figured him out?

-Maya, Shauna, Nicole, Lucas, Mona, Archer, Paige, the Parents, Andrew, Sara, all the other filler characters- NONE of them have enough motive weaved in throughout the show to have ANY motive of being Uber A. None of them. Which means they’ll either be making up a whole new ‘motive’ or choosing a brand new character. Which will ruin this show completely.

-Pink haired Aria- Why oh why do they keep writing this in? This implies that the whole motive behind this surrounds the girls or Aria when they were 14ish. What possibly could a bunch of 14-year-olds done besides tell some lies that would trigger a reaction in someone like the one we have. Let it go.

Seriously, I could go on and on.

They’ve had 7 seasons to fix all of this and they haven’t yet so why did I think it would change in the last 10 episodes? This last episode showed NO new evidence to any Uber A that we didn’t already know and consisted mostly of filler stories. I doubt they’ll be able to tie it all up and answer all the millions of questions that dedicated viewers have had. Instead, they’ll create a whole new list of questions that will NEVER be answered after the show is over and that’s unfortunate.

Tune in next week to read about my list of issues with that episode. Will we learn even 1 NEW detail about Uber A & their original motive or will we be left in the dark until the last 10 minutes of the last episode, only to find out it’s a character we never knew anyways and about a storyline we didn’t hear of in 6 years, like ever other finale in this series?

What are your thoughts?
Do you think you know who Uber A is and what their motive is?
Comment below!


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